Know Lord Shri Krishna and get rid of the miseries of your life

First of all thank you all for understanding life in a better way and showing your desire about life and God. You ask yourself questions and you try to know yourself then you will realize this. that you and your faith in that God really will serve to connect you to Him when you want to find out about your purpose, you want to make your life purpose meaningful or you get entangled in such questions whether Is there God, what is God, then first of all you have to understand yourself to understand God, if you have such feelings in your mind.

Getting to know Lord Shri Krishna personally

You will be away from all sins and all your father lord shri krishna will keep with you and will make your life happy the only way to wash away your papa is to get immersed in the devotion of lord shri krishna for your life lord shri krishna You go and experience the plan which is planned and walk on the path told by Lord Shri Krishna, this will make you feel Lord Shri Krishna to be with you and you yourself will accept that Lord is with you and you will always believe that Let’s say that you are being guided by someone and you are being guided by Lord Krishna and you are walking and trying to walk on the path shown by him.

Lord Shri Krishna is going to remove your sorrows

Where you believe in God and see God within yourself then you change your perspective of seeing yourself and others and when your body accepts that you are the son of lord shri krishna, child or whatever your Whatever be the relationship with Lord Shri Krishna, when you accept it, then by the grace of God, your body also starts to remain healthy and the sorrows of your body also go away, the quality of your life increases, you start living happily. All your body parts become energetic and in this way if there is any kind of sorrow in your body, it also goes away. It is God’s job to control the nature and your body is also bound to the same nature. If you obey God and follow the instructions given by God, then definitely God removes any kind of sorrow in your body because nature has the power to remove any kind of pain. Milk in the body can be corrected and is corrected and in this way you can keep yourself good by having faith in God. try to be see yourself getting well surely you will be healthy and happy your body will be healthy that will be

Lord Shri Krishna listens to your prayers and also answers them

When you pray to God openly and from your heart and you want to get something from God by praying to God then God definitely sees God understands that but what should God do which will be good for you only God knows that Only Krishna knows that what you are asking for may be good for you or may be bad for you that’s why you should pray to God and ask God that this God is right for you. Do it and it will be right. The ways of God’s answer may also be different. You may get his answer in any way or you may get good things from the things you want to get. So in this way when you If you make your relationship with God from inside, then God takes care of your everything and you should also always believe that God is with you, he is watching your everything and he is with you in your every difficulty. Surely he will remove you from all your difficulties and will make your life happy and you would be happy

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